NO BELT? NO PROBLEM! The most versatile holster available.  Made from high quality, anti-slip material with extra strength and unique magnetic closure that works in concert to ensure no slip or movement during activity.  Engineered to be concealable, reliable and comfortable while providing fast secure placement.  Whether you are walking, running, jumping, sitting, belt, no belt,  wearing jeans or gym shorts, this is the holster you have waited for.  

MK1-X1pocket size  6.5" x 3.5"

Choose Right or Left hand models

Fitment of these firearms and more

Bersa Thunder 9UC 9MM  3.25" Barrel 

Bersa Thunder Pro 40 UC40S&W 3.25" Barrel 

Bersa Thunder Pro 45 UC45S&W 3.6" Barrel 

Bersa Thunder Pro 9 UC9mm 3.25" Barrel 

Kahr CW 45ACP 3.6" Barrel 

Kahr CW 40S&W  3.6" Barel 

Kahr CW 9MM 3.6" Barrel 

Kahr P 9mm    3.6" Barrel 

Glock 43 9mm 3.39" Barrel 

Sig Sauer P239 9mm,.357 SIG, 40 S&W 3.6" Barrel 

Smith and Wesson Shield 9mm, 40 cal 3.1" Barrel 

Smith and Wesson Shield 45ACP 3.3" 

Springfield Armory EMP 

Springfield Armory XD-S 9mm, 40 cal, 45ACP  3.3"/4.0" Barrel 

Springfield XDS 3.3" Barrel 

Walther CCP ALL Barrels

 Walther PPS All 3.2" Barrel 

 Walther PK 380ACP

Walther P22  22lr 3.42" barrel 

Walther PPSM2 9mm 3.18" Barrel

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