Q.  Who is W.E. DEFEND USA? 

A. W.E. stands for Wilson and Ewaliko industries LLC.  W.E. creates and markets dynamic products from computer numeric controlled robotics that automate factories (www.precisionshapercnc.com),   futuristic custom recognition signage,  gifts  and custom metal works(www.206led.com), firearm accessories and more. 


Q. What are the mounts made of?

A. Aircraft grade aluminum, polymer and rubber made in the USA. 


Q. Is this mount a replacement for a gun safe? 

A. Our mounts can be used to display your firearms, they also have a locking feature that secures the firearm to the mount.  In some cases if a magazine has been loaded with live rounds seated in the firearm it is possible to cycle the firearm, loading a round in the chamber.  Our dual trigger guard design acts as a deterrent, however if their is a will theirs a way.  We recommend you taking extreme caution, careful thought to your environment, the persons that could potentially come in contact with your firearm. Be safe and follow the below rules.

  1–Treat every firearm as if it were loaded.

  2–Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. 

 3–Be sure of your target and aware of what is beyond it.

4–Keep your finger outside of the trigger guard until you are ready to shoot.


Q. How do I install to my wall?

A. Single mounts you just find a stud in the wall, or a hard service. Use the provided hardware and install. For multiple mounts use our ready rail system. 


Q. Can I position my firearm vertically?

A. Mounts can be easily used both vertical or horizontal. Mounts can be rotated to ensure firearm is level. Often our mounts will need to be angled to accommodate cantilevered weight of particular firearm designs. 


Q. How is my firearm secured? 

A. Multiple methods are possible.  1. Using one of the  rocker arm in the trigger hole and one for support either forward or rear of the trigger area for stability. To lock use a standard padlock and our trigger guard.  If you choose to hold your firearm without engaging the trigger area place one rocker arm behind the grip and the opposite in front the trigger, you can use a cable lock that will secure your firearm to the mount and also not allow the slide to be charged. 


Q. Is it ok to keep a round in the chamber? 

A. We recommend not having a live round in the chamber. We recommend you use standard firearm safety protocol when using our products. 


Q. How fast can I access my firearm? 

A. This depends on how you are using our product. As locked with a little practice 3-4 seconds on average. For fastest access you can opt to not use lock. Ex.) At night or when you are going to be close to your firearm you can remove lock. We recommend always using your lock when your away from your firearm for extended periods of time. 


Q. What protects my firearm? 

A. Rubber arm sleeves  and placeable silicon bumpers. This allow you to provide customized protection for different styles of firearms. 


Q. Is my mount secure enough to be considered anti-theft?

A. The W.E. Defend mount is very difficult to remove once mounted. It is possible to destroy it, however this is not an easy task if installed correctly. 


Q. Is it ok to mount my firearm with a loaded round in the chamber?

A. We have designed a trigger guard to assist in eliminating an accidental discharge however we recommend your firearm be stored without a round chambered.  


Q. How many firearms can a single ready rail hold?

A. We have mounted 3 AR15 rifles on a single ready rail. You can join ready rails together like a track to mount additional weapons.


Q. If I buy a mount is it guaranteed? 

A. THE W.E. GUARANTEE>  We have a lifetime guarantee on our products. If you are dissatisfied with anything simply return it to us for a replacement or refund.  If our mount does not hold your firearm the way W.E. intended we will work with you to customize a mount shipping it free of charge. 

Q. What is a W.E. PAK? 

A. Our W.E. PAK is a PDA style conceal carry pouch. It is made of high quality materials in our shop. It can be worn across the waist, over the shoulder, across the body and can connect direct to your belt.  It is the most comfortable every day carry pack available.  Inside it has a pocket for your firearm and extra magazine pouch. Additional magazine pouches can be added to the provided adjustable belt. The visible front panel smart phone pouch and velcro loop allowing for decoration provides additional elusive ability.