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Rytec Holster $50

A revolutionary holster design that challenges concealed carry performance and comfort. The Rytec patent pending rubber bumpers provide a comfortable, non slip and breathable advantage over all other polymer style holsters. A better solution for those seeking an active, belt-less carry option. Our Rytec holsters will prove a worthy choice to your concealed carry holster options, whether you wear a belt or not.


Mag-Neato Holster $30

Ever wanted to carry without wearing a belt? Is getting in and out of the car when carrying uncomfortable and a hassle? Want to be active, move freely while having piece of mind that your firearm is secure? Designed to work with shorts and yoga pants, Mag-neato holsters anti slip material works in concert with a strong magnetic floating clasp allowing you to freely move, adjust position while securely locking onto your waistband.


Magnetic locking mount $35

Does state law require you lock your gun? Is your safe far away to quickly access your sidearm? Strong magnet and a locking rocker arm holds your firearm to any mountable surface. Use the puck to cover your trigger area and choose the lock of your preference. Fits all pistols.

secure cabinet.jpg

Secure display cabinets

Show off your favorites in our led secure display cabinet. Heavy gauge aluminum frame with polycarbonate window. Adjust the height and angle of your firearm for space saving. Brilliant led glow. Remote control on/off and brightness. Secure with your choice of pad, key, combination or biometric lock. Smash and grab resistant!